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Rockport World Tour Classic are the walking shoes which are designed to be your best friends no matter where you go. These casual shoes have the durable and long lasting construction which allows you to wear them all day every day. These shoes have been made from the top quality materials to be durable and reliable. They have excellent built quality so you can take even a world tour without worrying. They have cushiony interior which has excellent comfort to offer. The upper has been made from the top quality tumbled leather and it is also available in the nubuck upper. Both uppers are soft, durable and breathable. The upper has the prominent and stylish stitch details which not only enhances the looks of these shoes but also make them durable. The upper also features lace up closure along with 5 metal eyelets. This closure system allows secure, personalized and perfect fastening every time. The lining has been made from the knit. This lining provides 360 degrees comfort to the foot and also wicks the moisture away to maintain odorless, healthy and fresh wearing. The midsole has been made from the EVA. This material is flexible, lightweight and highly shocks absorbing. The midsole reduce the fatigue to multiply the comfort level. The tongue and collar has been cushioned to prevent discomfort of tight fastening of laces. The insole can be removed and it is also well cushioned to provide superior comfort. These shoes have the Patented Walking Platform™ which delivers the long lasting comfort, allows super flexibility to forefoot and enhances the stability of the rare foot to result in the excellent ride. To add more support to the mid-foot arch region, the midsole has the shank made from the steel. These shoes have the strobel construction which is flexible and allows you to ride in the natural, comfortable and easy manner. The outsole has been made from the high quality rubber which is also flexible and long lasting. This outsole delivers traction on various types of surfaces for slip free walking. The heel is 1 ¼ inches high and it weighs 14 ounces as per size 7. You can find this style in these colors: Sand Nubuck, Chocolate Nubuck, Brown Tumbled Leather and Black Tumbled Leather.


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Customer Reviews

Dr. Amie C. Casey, D.V.M. from Sunset, Louisiana

I love these shoes. Having 3 pairs, I am able to change frequently to adjust to the clothes I wear to work. I wore these shoes ten years ago for casual wear occasionally. When I saw that my boss wears them also to work in, I asked him how he could wear such a nice expensive shoe to work in. He replied to me that how could he NOT afford to wear such a good, strong, sturdy shoe to work in. This made sense to me since I had been having so much trouble with my feet and other shoes. We are veterinarians working on race horses on the track, which demands a lot of walking and being on our feet on a regular basis. Then, when I saw that this shoe is endorsed by the Podiatric Association, I was completely sold. I love this shoe!! Want a commercial? (:-)

Chris from Houston, Texas

The Rockport World Tour Classics are great... I've bought this same style 4 or 5 times in the past. I wear these shoes to work every day and they have always lasted about a year for me. They are comfortable with good traction, and they look nice too. Because the Shoebuy price was so good, I bought two pairs at one time, so I may not need new shoes for 2 years now. It may be because my old shoes were pretty much worn out, but the new pairs seemed somewhat narrow for being Wide width, but not drastically so. I'm sure they will spread out the longer I wear them.

Glenn from Brookline, MA

I've been a big fan of the Rockport WT Classic for a long time. I have really bad feet, actually had surgery on both of them several years ago, and I wear orthotics in my shoes, so I need shoes that provide a lot of support to my feet. I've found that the Rockport WT Classic is one of very few shoes that seem to fit me well even with my orthotics. You'll probably get longer use of these shoes than I do if you walk evenly across the length of your foot. I tend to walk with a very broad step, so I tend to put holes in this shoe on the bottom near the toes, but that can hardly be attributed to the shoes. I've done that with other makes of shoes before finally settling on the Rockport WT Classic for general comfort reasons. Also, if you do a lot of traveling, a TSA official indicated to me some months ago that these shoes are actually made with some amount of metal in them, and they do set off metal detectors in the airport, but that's a very minor inconvenience for me. Otherwise, as I said at the top, its an excellent shoe for the comfort and durability.

Brian from Rhode Island

Only had them a week, so this is my preliminary opinion. I bought these because I have about a 10-12 minute walk from where I park to my office each day --all concrete and asphalt. The heals on my work shoes (loafers) would wear down pretty quickly, not to mention that my feet often hurt on the walk back to my parking garage. Can't comment on the wear yet, but these shoes are very comfortable. They won't win any fashion awards, but that's not their purpose anyway. So far I'd say I'm pleased overall with my purchase.

Greg R from Long Island, NY

I was always the type of person who bought cheap shoes. Not dirt cheap but I would pay $35-$45 on Shoebuy for a pair of Dockers or Sketchers casual shoes for work. I would go through two pairs a year because they stretched out and the leather would scuff like there was no tomorrow. So far the Rockport's are excellent. They are very comfortable and offer very good support for your feet. Note that I ordered my usual size and they were very tight and a hair short. I exchanged them for a half size larger and they fit perfect. Thanks to them for the FREE exchange. I may have paid twice the price I'm use to but they are well worth it. I've only been wearing them for about 3 weeks but so far I would highly recommend them.

Greg from Portland

I bought my first pair several years ago and was blown away at how comfortable they were. They keep my feet from getting overheated (so no more smelly feet when I take my shoes off)! I even prefer to walk in these rather than any of my athletic shoes (which DO make my feet hot). As a bonus, they last much longer than Nikes and Adidas shoes on me. Add the fact that they are appropriate for office-casual wear, and you now see the shoes I wear 7 days a week. These were the only shoes I have ever owned that were so good I had to buy the same kind again when I wore out my first pair after more than a year of daily use. (I still use the first pair, but only for yard work and kicking soccer balls around with my kids as they look weathered now.) I was delighted to find these shoes online. I own both the black and "chocolate" brown pair, and in fact I have two extra pairs in the closet in case they stop making them next time I need to replace them!


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